Dong Xiaohua | "Hu Xijin said" I am a high mountain "cannot have an ear element." Is this view correct?

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Sichuan: Establish a "private enterprise first loan" financing docking platform to solve the problem of financing of private enterprisesMinsheng Bank fell 2.09%to 3.75 yuan / shareInjection IPO, actual controller occupies 10 million real estate

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Inject more financial momentum into scientific and technological innovationLunch comments: The Shanghai Index fell 0.11%of the GEM index rose 0.67%, and the net purchase of the northbound capital was nearly 3 billion yuan. The performance of the lithium battery sector was eyShenzhen: Encourage enterprises to "machine actors" to guide traditional manufacturing companies to carry out intelligent transformation

Hamas Political Bureau Vice Chairman was killed! With an air strike in the capital, Lebanon complaints (picture)

Le Ju released the first large -scale high -dynamic humanoid robot KUAVO has realized commercializationMinsheng Bank fell 2.09%to 3.75 yuan / share

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Out!"WISE Business King · 2023 Listed Company Annual ESG Investment Selection"Promotion Bank Qingdao Branch: "Political and Bank Cooperation" promotes efficiency and financial water help developmentLike the old -fashioned "There are in, there are out"

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Shenzhen Bay Commercial District: At night, the power is full, the first store gathers popularity, and the traffic becomes "retain"Hubei Shennongjia Rural Commercial Bank was fined 500,000 yuan.Shenzhen Bay Commercial District: At night, the power is full, the first store gathers popularity, and the traffic becomes "retain"

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On the morning of December 6th, Vietnam's commercial banks' dollar selling price increased slightlyLin Boqiang: The use of retired power batteries is an important part of building a circular economy system. ︱ Energy thinkingHuangting International (000056) on December 5th, the main funds of the main funds bought 8.5052 million yuan

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Many banks choose not to redeem secondary capital debt, the reason behind it?The permanent debt next year will also usher in the redemption periodOpen source Securities: Large models are constantly upgrading and comprehensively embraced AI applicationsStock market Express: Heavy Medicine Holdings (000950) on December 5 The main funds sold 871,700 yuan

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In the property market, Guangzhou will post!Real estate agencies are required to reduce the intermediary service fee reasonablymy country's launching intelligent connected car commercialization operation (new viewpoint)Inject more financial momentum into scientific and technological innovation

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Resolution of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial People's Congress on comprehensively accelerating the development of the tourism industryShareholders frequently increase their holdings of listed banks or further repairInterview with Xixi Tea is a "joint" reminder